Work available here through Plan X Gallery with major show planned for 2020.

Plan X was born from a determination to overcome the barriers of elitism and to facilitate a stronger discourse between artists and audiences around the world.

When contemporary artist Sam Harris presented his first piece of art to an elderly relative she was able to sum it up in two words; “Pure Filth!”. This now infamous utterance has been reclaimed and becomes the title of this collaborative publication.

Featuring original artworks from a wide community of artists, designers and creatives, ‘Pure Filth’ exists as a compendium for the most contentious, intoxicating and downright filthy artworks the current contemporary art scene has to offer!

Perhaps it could serve as an antidote to the current climate of censorship, scandal and outrage addiction, or at the very least act as a bastion for artistic expression, unbridled creativity and much needed humour.

– Hector Campbell, Art Historian, Writer & Curator

List of Artists:

Gilbert & George, Henry Hudson, Gina Soden, Amelia Kosminsky, Bedwyr Williams, Benjamin Murphy, Isaac Benigson, Ian Whittlesea, Jess Wilson, Ant Hamlyn, Hayden Kays, Joe Sweeney, Nick Thompson, Megan Rea, Philip Gerald, Peter Evans, Strange Case, Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, Angry Dan, Thom Sonny Green, Timothy Gatenby, The Misfortune Teller, Tobias Ross-Southall, War Boutique, Tom Scutt, Nina Mae Fowler, Samuel Gough-Yates, Adrian Schachter, Noel Fielding, Ryan Gander, May Safwat, Richie Culver, Alexander Rosenberg, Slinkachu, Katharine Hamnett, Gary Mansfield, Holly Allan, Euan Roberts, Richard Woods, Barminksi, Sofia Parra, Al Diaz, Marcus Lim, Winnie Hall, Luisa Le Voguer Couyet, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Jessica Albarn, Ian Bruce, Bob and Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger, Ariane Hughes, Catherine Eldridge, Mark Denton, Sam Harris, imbue, Jon Burgerman, David Shillinglaw, Ange Bell, Joseph Turnbull, Isabella Cotier, Isaac Cordal, Lily Lewis, Chemical X, Nettie Wakefield, Duggie Fields, Sarah Graham, Adam Bridgland, Bench Allen, Baker & Borowski, Wilfrid Wood, Dan Baldwin, Philip Colbert, Daisy Parris, Frank Laws, Andrew Salgado, Craig Keenan, MC Llamas, Jil Mandeng, Rod Melvin, Rowan Newton