View, ‘3 Hours From London’ (oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2018), at the RBSA Gallery Birmingham. The exhibition ‘Prize’ is open 10 May – 23 June.tempImageForSave.JPG

‘The paradox of motorways; like dark clouds collecting before a storm, a hard sterility has crushed the cavalier spirit which crowned their early days by way of death, speed cameras and congestion. Motorways are now a means to an end. There is hardly a sense of excitement at the prospect of new roads being opened. Local protest appears more likely to manifest amongst people keen to keep the drone and fumes away from their homes.

Despite their relentless unease, I find grace in these magnificent roads; the palisades, the drivers and concrete tunnels. A sense of flying through the world, elevated as if magically teleporting in evolved vessels of glorified metal. The landscape which has reformed itself to complement the slick redesign of whizzing steel. The wonderful collaboration between people and their vehicles, dicing with death by putting their trust in one another. Nature restructured.’ 


‘Dark Lanes’ (oil on canvas, 20x25cm, 2018) received the Winsor&Newton Painting Award at the 301st Royal Society of British Artists exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

dark lanes

“This is a countryside lane near where I grew up in Warwickshire, England. I have many memories of winding my way along these roads in various moods, at different times of day and types of weather.”



View, ‘Wake’ (oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2018), at the RBSA Gallery Birmingham. The exhibition ‘Open All Media’ is open 1 March – 31 March.


”Wake’ is about getting up and ready for the day, the moment between sleeping and waking when dreams are most vivid and determining between the fragments of imagination and daylight reality are hard to distinguish.

Often there is a friction as one attempts to hold onto the dream world and contemplate the meaning of the seemingly random events. Everyone can relate to the feeling of not wanting to get up from this relaxing state and in the painting the pose is slightly startled to express this uncomfortable in-between.’