Ep.39 Tim Gatenby – Mizog Art Podcast


In this episode Gary Mansfield talks to portrait artist Tim Gatenby (@therealtimgatenby), film maker turned portrait painter. During his BA in film-making, Tim started to be highly influenced by the graffiti that seemed to pop up overnight, feeling disheartened thinking of the sole painter when comparing it to the team of people and time required to produce a film.

Being drawn towards oil portraiture, in the classical style, he soon travelled to Florence to study on the Atelier programme, where he stayed for two years.

His latest series is Heroes, which is a humorous look back at the cultural icons of his youth, taking them from their nostalgic past and placing them in his dystopian future 
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Piece included as part of Gavin Turk’s ‘Portrait of an Egg’ at Photo London, Somerset House from Thursday 16 May – Sunday 19 May 2019.

‘Looking at art by photographing it has now become a dominant way of behaving. Art is being constantly exposed to the glare of the internet and social media; everyone has a camera and a new way of seeing. I want to take this moment a step further and invite the worlds photographers to take part in a mass creative act.’ – Gavin Turk

In partnership with The Other Art Fair and taking place at the Old Truman Brewery, the Unmissable exhibition will feature portraits of missing loved ones as interpreted by renowned artists.

Missing People and curator Ben Moore are producing a unique exhibition featuring emerging and established artists to raise awareness of missing people.

For my portrait I was given a list of names and became drawn to Andrew Gosden who disappeared at the age of 14 on 14 September 2007. After pretending to go to school in Doncaster, he returned to his family home, got changed into a Slipknot t-shirt, withdrew £200 from his bank account and took a train to London.

Andrew is a few years younger than me and I would imagine we shared many similar cultural influences, I can relate to being the age of 14 and listening to rock music like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. For my source image I choose to use a picture of Andrew taken a few years prior to his disappearance, in a sense, the innocence of early teen years is what I hoped to convey in the portrait.

While painting Andrew I was struck by many questions; who was he? What did he think about? And of course where is he now? The desperate tale of Andrew’s last sighting at King’s Cross station, in the heart of the overwhelming metropolis of London, became a source of inspiration for the portrait that I have gone on to produce.

Thank you to Kevin and his family for their support.

If you have any information please contact missing: 116000





9 contemporary artists explore play in the modern world

A short stroll from Hammersmith, alongside the river sits Re:Centre, a new sanctuary of rest and reflection.

Here nine artists have been joined a three-month residency where they have explored the impact of play on our wellbeing, especially in adult life. They have expressed this playfulness through their various mediums – tapping into the natural instinct to experiment, fool around and make a mess. The programme has been curated by public art curator, Ben Moore, and culminates in a collaborative and interactive exhibition.

The show will be opened by BBC art critic and Christie’s Curator, Terence Rodrigues, on 24 January 2019 at 6.30 pm. It will then be open to the public from 25 January – 6 February from 8 am – 6 pm daily.